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It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen.

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Mobile Development

As a certified Xamarin mobile developer, We can build mobile applications to IOS, Android and WinPhone platforms.


We can explore and give you more insights about your data using Tableau, Qliksense and Alteryx.


We can create custom standalone dashboards for your KPIs, geocode and display them on maps. We can build a custom digital signage solution.


C, C++, C# expertise over 25 years. Design patterns like MVC, DI. We can write anything you can imagine with enough resources. From mainframes to IOT devices.

Reverse Engineering

We can reverse engineer a program with or without a source code. We can find that nasty bug for you or recover the source code that you lost.


From single file databases to appliances. In-memory or big data. Worked with all kind of databases. Can solve your complex ETL problem. Can write custom drivers or optimize your connection and speed problems. Won TDWI's big data project award.

Latest Project

  • BATU: Besici Arz Talep Uygulaması
  • Uygulama ücretsizdir. Turkvet kaydı olan Şahıs ve Tüzel kişiler kullanabilir.
  • Doğru finansal kararlar için uygulama size yardımcı olur. Besicinin malını doğru zamanda ve doğru fiyata değerlendirebilmesini sağlar.
  • Girilen veriler anonimleştirilerek sadece bölgesel analiz için kullanılır. Üçüncü partilerle asla paylaşılmaz.
  • Kolayca rasyon hesabı yapmanızı sağlar.



Exam Reader

OMR software for teachers. Scan & grade tests with camera. Use your own papers.

Exam Reader-Cloud

Backoffice for Exam Reader mobile. Manage your classes, students and exams.

Tek Ekran

Daily needed information widgets in a single minimalist application.

Custom Forms

Custom Form Design and management apps

Password Dump Search

1.4 billion passwords leak search

Exam Reader Homework

Exam Reader Homework system for parents and students

Golf FastScore

Golf scorecard optical scanner. Calculate your score by taking a photo shot


Doktor ve Hasta arasındaki randevuların oluşturulması ve takibini sağlar

Besici Arz Talep Uygulaması

Besicinin malını doğru zamanda ve doğru fiyata değerlendirebilmesini sağlar.

Happy Clients

Joel Legaspi

Awesome! The recognition rate of this app is much better than any other camera-based OMR apps. I recommend this app for parents or tutors who teach their children or students at home. Two thumbs up!!!

Ritsue Nakahara

Very good application, this is what I needed. Now I'm enjoying my time with my family instead of grading papers.

John Dave Taturo

It is a very good application to adjust the number of questions and number of choices made freely. As a side note, the paper and the camera (optical axis) is not perpendicular to the time of reading, you tend to read miss occurs. Everything else is higher reading accuracy. You can also recognized with a ballpoint pen. Because it was very polite also the developer's support for an inquiry when there is a problem, I think that he will go in the future be more and more improvement.

Angelia Emy

The developer has been very helpful and responsive to my questions and calls for help. Hope to continue the working relationship as this app continues to grow.

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