Exam Reader - exam / test grading app for mobile phones & tablets

Exam Reader - OMR optical mark recognition, exam/test sheet grading/scoring for mobile phones & tablets

Grade & score multiple choice tests, quizzes, and assessment papers by using iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android or WP device's camera as a scanner. It can also read over-written marks. %100 success rate if used as described. Supports from 10 to 200 questions or more. Both horizontal and vertical sheets can be used (it is a first in this kind of application). Teachers can make their own sheets with a word processor (also a first).

optic omr test-exam grading

ExamReader - Cloud

You can manage your classes, students, exams and results with ExamReader Cloud. It will give you intelligence about your students and exams.

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Answer Sheet Generator

A value between 5 - 200
A value between 2 - 7
Vertical choice orientation only works if question count is 30 or less

You can watch the basic usage tutorial and learn the features of the program.

You can see some common problems at our Instagram page

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